The first egg chair was designed and crafted by Arne Jacobsen in Sweden in 1958. The ultramodern design and super comfortable feel made it a hit among customers. The first egg chair was built using polyurethane foam to form a cocoon-shaped sitting space for jet-setting guests in the hotels to recline or swivel. As the foam was very lightweight, the chair weighed only 117 pounds. The hotel staff found it very easy to clean and move around.

Egg chairs are a perfect combination of form and function. Egg chairs are also known as cocoon chairs with a slight change in shape. “Egg” typically replicates an oval shape and cocoon is like coconut. The basic purpose is to provide cozy, comfortable sitting arrangements that keep you relaxed. The safe goblet or nest-like feeling soothes your subconscious mind.

There is no medical evidence to support the fact, but users reported that egg chairs with proper cushion support can relieve back pain. A defined gravity in a gently swaying seat helps you get rid of back and neck pain.

Most egg chairs that we sell are sturdy and safe. On average, the recommended maximum weight is 350 pounds. The weight capacity varies from hanging chairs to stand chairs. Double egg pod chairs can hold up to 529 lbs of weight. However, it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, design, shape and size.

Hanging egg chairs need some level of expertise in assembling. Attaching the stand and bracket carefully to the beam or ceiling needs installation know-how. If you are not very skilled at it, you will need installation experts. If you buy from us, we will provide installation support on request.

One of the best things about egg chairs is the cocoon effect and the gentle sway when you sit in. Some patio egg chairs rest on a stand and can be placed anywhere, while others are suspended from a beam, a metal structure or ceiling.

You can swing gently. Heavy-duty swinging is not recommended for hanging chairs. Kids can swing in a hanging chair that hangs from the ceiling. However, they can't expect to swing like a playground swing.

With the evolution in design and needs, today, egg chairs are manufactured using a variety of materials. Some have covered or canopies for outdoor spaces. Others give an open-air feel. Whether you select traditional rattan and durable resin woven accents or styles that are ultra-contemporary, we have got you covered. You will easily find the one that fits the vibe of your outdoor or indoor space. All egg chairs have cushions for comfort and right-back support. There are water-resistant covers for cushions that can be used outdoors. ​

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