If you are a fan of neutral shades, grey egg chairs would be a perfect fit in your home. The unusual hue of grey gives a sweet tone of contrast with any background or wallpaper. It will also look fascinating with other neutral shades like mauve or beige. Bring a sense of aestheticism or chic to your home décor. This particular color in egg chairs has gained huge popularity in recent times when people are overtly indulging in matte or cool tones. Place it in a corner of your bedroom or study area. Sit with your laptop and finish your work on a comfortable seat. Grey egg chairs are found in various materials such as steel, aluminum or other metal bases. You can pick from a range of grey and even glossy or matte finish. Decide what you need and find your suitable item anywhere.

Had a hard day at work? Come back home and sit with a mug of chamomile tea on your grey egg chair. Plug into your playlist and wash off the day’s worries. Enjoy that second plate of continental food lazing on your grey egg chair. Do not ponder over the fact that whether or not this fancy furniture can hold much weight. Grey egg chairs have a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Double hanging grey egg chairs can take more, up to 529 pounds. Grey pod egg chairs are the epitome of being classy. The outer glossy matter grey with the inner matte grey speaks every bit of aesthetic pursuit.

Outdoor grey egg chairs can be an amazing fit for your terrace, garden or balcony. You do not need to invest much time tidying up this furniture piece. Cleaning at an interval of 3-5 days with a dry cloth piece is enough. Remember to cover the chair with a cloth or other covering in case of outdoor use. When long exposed to sunlight or rain, the color might start fading out or the metal will lose its longevity.