Is black your favorite color in the palette? Do you want everything in the shade of black, from your house, car and even your furniture? Well, black egg chairs are perfect for your sophisticated taste. These chairs look exceptionally classy and can alter the entire look of the place where they are kept. Alike various other egg chairs, these too come in a variety of materials. Sometimes, these are made in a woven pattern with an attachment from above. The chair swings freely in the air while the entire weight is balanced by the circular stand beneath. It provides extra support for your naps and relaxation.

Add a few cushions in layers to make the seating area of black egg chairs more comfortable. To give a pleasing contrast, white cushions would match amazingly well with the overall black color. These items are more than just fancy. It can easily bear up to 350 pounds. With the increase in demand for double egg chairs, various companies and brands have started producing double black egg chairs that will allow two people to sit and enjoy a relaxing time together. Black egg chairs are mostly metallic. The materials used in making are aluminum or steel. You can keep it easily inside or outside. However, if kept outside, they should be protected from sunlight or UV rays. If these chairs are kept in rain for too long, the metal might start corroding from inside. Remember, these are not weatherproof. Therefore, it is advisable to cover these all round the year.

You can pair it up with embroidered cushions or a hand woven blanket and give it a look of your choice. Hang a few hangings or rice lights and feel transported to a different world. Many black egg chairs in pod design have the inner part black with the outer area a striking white to produce a beautiful color variant.