Add a tint of sophistication to your new home or light up your old house with new decorations that are also useful. Bring a brown egg chair to your home today. The size and shape of these egg chairs give you an extra advantage. You do not have to worry about making a separate space for it. Keep it in a corner or beside your couch, they can fit anywhere. Double hanging brown egg chairs specifically made for two individuals are in trend now. Families of two or with kids can go for this option to make a cozy space for spending time together. Let your children play on it or watch a movie together. Single brown egg chairs can bear weight up to 350 pounds while double ones have a surplus capacity, allowing you to put up to 529 pounds weight.

If you want to personalize your brown egg chair or add a few touches that are just yours, use embroidered cushions, feather hangings, wind charms or a soft blanket. Brown pod egg chairs already have a cushioned seat that gives you a comfortable seat. The back is also cushioned to rest your spine after a hard day at work. Sit with a mug of steaming coffee and start watching the football match on it. Tired after finishing household chores? Sit on your brown egg chair and take the nap you missed. You can keep these egg chairs inside your house or in the garden and balcony. Remember to use a dry cloth instead of water or other liquids to clean it. These do not require regular cleaning. Tidying up at an interval of 3-5 days would be enough.

Want to keep your brown egg chair in the garden and watch your flowers bloom? You can do that too. However, remind yourself to cover it with a gentle cover when not in use. Metal-based brown egg chairs can rust easily or lose their shine when exposed to sunlight or constant rain for a longer period.