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Egg chairs or half shaped egg chairs can be the latest addition to your home furniture items. People of all ages and especially kids are very fond of kid's hanging egg chairs. Unlike the one for grownups, these have a comfortably smaller size that gives the impression of being made especially for the kids. While few of the kid's egg chairs are just tied from the top and are suspended freely in the air, others have stands to support them. Since these are for kids, the egg chairs are not open on both sides. Mostly, the back is entirely covered to make sure kids do not fall off while playing around. There are many types available in the market such as – canopy, hood, modern, replica or ceiling. Purchase the one best suited for your kid’s need and something that matches well with the home decor.

You can find kid's egg chairs in different materials as well. It can be rattan, wicker or metal base such as – steel or aluminum. Rattan or wicker will have a more natural color like wooden or light shades of brown. If you want brighter colors for your kids, you can always go for metallic base kid's hanging egg chairs. These are available in black, brown, grey, white, steel, blue and others. Companies these days are producing egg chairs in brighter colors to appeal to the kid's senses. Your kid can play video games on it, read a book, or even lie down. Kids’ egg chairs are sturdy and can easily take weights. So, don't worry about it breaking down if your kid starts jumping on it or playing on it.

Kid's egg chairs besides being an amazing corner for your kids to play can also upraise the aesthetic sensibility of your house. The woven pattern is beautiful and a work of art. You can hang a few toys on the chair's ceiling to customize it for the kids or let them do it by themselves.