Want to spend a lazy Sunday morning reading a book? Or, watch the rain pattering outside from your room in a comfortable place? Indoor egg chairs have become very popular for these purposes. Hang it in a corner of your room, place some lights that give an aesthetic aura and maybe a wallpaper of your favorite musician. Voila! You have a beautiful corner for your relaxation as well as your creative space. Keep it in your living space or bedroom and use it in whatever way you want to. You can even lie down on it.

These are actually half egg shaped chairs. These are also popularly called egg hammocks or hanging basket chairs. Indoor egg chairs are extremely fancy items and are even great decorative items. This might give you the idea that it cannot hold much weight. That is not true at all. These can hold up to 350 pounds. Hanging egg chairs used indoors can last a lifetime. If kept indoors, you don’t have to worry about UV or sunlight protection. These are mainly made from resin, synthetic wicker or textilene. It can be woven with high quality rope that has excellent tenacity and hold heavy weight or can be framed with metals such as iron.

When not in use, it is advised that indoor egg chairs are protected by stocking cushions on it. Few hanging egg chairs indoors have stand attached to it. The entire a stand and egg chair set is made with aluminum and coated with a soothing shade of white, black, grey, wooden or brown. You will find most of these indoor egg chairs in basic range of colors. Unless special customization is requested, there are hardly other primary colors available for it.

Add a sense of modern or rustic touch to your home decoration by buying your own set of indoor egg chair today and get ready for relaxation.