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Egg pod chairs are an alteration in the design of the original egg chairs. These were first made to have the comfort that a couch provides. Thus, it is a blend between couch and egg chair, with the shape of egg chair and comfort of couches. Outdoor hanging pod chairs are very comfortable and can help you have a deep sleep on it. Pump the look up a bit and keep some cushions with beautiful designs and a blanket on it. Make up a little corner in your balcony just for yourself. Plugin the earphones after the day’s work and get lost in the world of imagination on your egg pod chair. These modern furniture items can add a classy look to your house decoration. These are available in a variety of colors like – red, white, black, blue and many other attractive shades.

The history of the egg pod chairs goes way back to mid 20th century. The sleek, half-egg design chair was first made by Arne Jacobsen in the year 1958. Since then, the egg pod chair has been in vogue. You can see it in use at various lounge areas, pubs, restaurants, cafes or keep it in the living space in your home. In case you are looking for something bigger, you can always buy double pod chair meant for two people. Unlike egg chairs, authentic egg pod chairs have a stand to support the base.

The stand can be circular or semicircular. Besides, the cushion is not only attached to the seating area but also at the back to support your back. This fancy looking furniture can take up to 350 pounds. Bring customization to your egg pod chairs by placing it just beside the fireplace or at the farthest corner in your study beside the reading lamp. You can very well fall asleep cozily while reading your favorite novel. Or, watch the beautiful orange sky on an autumn afternoon lazing on your outdoor hanging pod chair.